Track My World

Strictly for Parents

Panic alerts

Your child could anytime generate a Panic alert when in trouble.

Know the location of your Child

Your child's location could be tracked at any time using the assigned Beacon.

Create Triggers to get alerted

You can setup your own custom Triggers using our Monitor app to get alerted on important events.

Create Custom Dashboards

You can create custom dashboards to monitor the activity summary of a group of Beacons.

Convert your iPhone to a tracking device

You can use our Beacon app to convert your iPhone to become a tracking device.

Sense the speed of travel

You will always get alerted when your child crosses the speed limit when in commute.

Geo-fence your places

You can tag your places of interest and geo-fence them generate alerts when your child crosses the boundary.

History of Activities

Always keep the full history of Places visited by your child and the notified activities.

Download DoPods


You need this App to monitor your Child


Download & Configure Beacon

Create a Place

Upon setting up a Beacon, you can now set up a Place, using the DoPods App. A place is a location with a virtual fence around a real-world geographic area.

Add a Trigger

You can setup a Trigger in DoPods to monitor different movements of your child. (E.g. get notified when your child goes out of school premises during school hours.)

Start Monitoring

Once the Beacons are set up, Places are created and Triggers are added, you can monitor your child with DoPods. DoPods helps to Track Your World.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I track with DoPods?

DoPods enables you to track the most valued asset of your life - your children.

How can I track my child with DoPods?

Equip your child with a smartphone configured to act as a Beacon using the DoPods Beacon App. Thereafter, start tracking your child using the DoPods App for parents.

Can I track more than one Child?

Yes, you can track any number of children provided you have individual Beacons for each of them.

How does DoPods work?

DoPods works by using a Beacon with GPS technology to identify the location of your child which communicates with the DoPods App for parents via the internet to provide location and other updates.

What is a Beacon?

A Beacon is a tracking device used to track your child and it could be your child's smartphone with our DoPods Beacon App installed on it.

What is a Place?

A geo marked location with a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area - E.g. your child's school, playground, etc.

What is a Trigger?

A pre-configured condition to track the behavior of your child - E.g. entering or leaving the school premises.

What kind of alerts do I get?

You can configure DoPods App to get alerts related to location of your child, speed and battery level.

What is a panic alert?

An alert your child can invoke with just a single click of a button when he is in trouble. This notifies the location of your child instantly.

What is a quick message?

A quick pre-configured message or a custom message for you to get alerted with the location of your child.

What if my child is driven fast?

You can set up alerts to get you notified when your child is moving faster beyond a configured speed limit.

What if the battery of a Beacon runs down?

When the Beacon runs out of battery, you will not be able to know where the Beacon is. However, you will always have the last location of your child before battery ran out.

Will I get notified when the battery level of the beacon is low?

Yes, you will be alerted when the battery level of the beacon drops to a certain level.

Can I use DoPods without a GPS connection?

No, DoPods requires an active GPS connection at all times

Can I use DoPods when my child moves to an area without signals and lost the data connection?

No, DoPods requires an active internet connection at all times. However, DoPods keeps an eye on inactivity and notifies you regarding the lost connection with your child’s device.

What features do I get with my free subscription?

You get all the active features with five free alert triggers.

What is the difference between the paid and the free version?

With paid version you can create unlimited number of alert triggers while it is limited to five with the free subscription.

How do I activate the subscription?

You can navigate to subscription section of your DoPods app and subscribe to either monthly or annual plan.

When will I be charged for my subscription?

Subscription payments are charged at the beginning of your payment cycle – based on monthly or annual.

Can I switch my phone under one subscription?

Yes, you can switch as many phones as you like under one subscription. You just need to install DoPods app on your second mobile and use your login to access the account.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

You can cancel your subscription whenever you like. Your current subscription will still be active until your next end date.

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